Sunday, 13 March 2011

13th March 2011

Welcome to my first blog post. Ever! I'm no good with words (what am I doing with a blog then? I don't know!) So I'll introduce myself by showing a handful of the things I like to make...

This bracelet came from 5 or 6 other bracelets which just weren't doing it for me, so I stuck all the charms on one mega-jumbo-bracelet and this is the result. There were lots of handmade ice creams, donuts, sweets, slices of cake, chocolates, and lots of resin & plastic charms which I had collected. I loved it. It sold for an insane amount of money. I loved that too!

Cupcakes are something I can't seem to stop drawing. I don't like them to look realistic (which is lucky considering I have no artistic talent!).

I like bright unearthly colours, and I like them to be decorated with skulls and brains and icky things. 

The zombie one is one of my favourites with his droopy eyes and little fangs, he could eat you before you eat him, nom nom.

The pistol necklace is my number one favorite piece. I've made pistols shooting diamonds, shooting words, and shooting lovehearts. This one with hearts is my best selling necklace and my favourite to wear.  

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