Friday, 25 March 2011

Folksy Friday

This is my first Folksy Friday, and I've chosen a cupcake theme.
You can click the pictures to take you to the items.


1. Diamonds & Cupcakes necklace from Kawaii Boutique UK (available in lots of colours)

2. Cupcake bracelet from Linzy Kerr Illustrator

3. Fine silver cupcake pendant from Trinket Box (currently on sale!)

4. Chanel no5 Cupcake Soap by Delish Bath Treats

5. Cupcake tea towels by Shabby By Sharon

6. Crocheted Amigurumi Cupcake by Pipinopolis

7. Cupcake magnets by Little Red Robin

8. Cookie Dough Cupcake pincushion by Wooly Duck


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Big 1000

My 1000th sale on ebay (how did that happen??) was this cute supermario mushroom necklace, in pastel blue. You can find it on Folksy in lots of different colours (click the pictures to take you to each one)


Monday, 14 March 2011

Domo-Kun Plushie Tutorial


I came across this cute Domo-Kun plushie tutorial and wanted to share. This is not my own tutorial, I found it at Domo-Kun is the adorable mascot for Japan's NHK television channel.

1. First, you need to take all your felt and cut out the basic shapes. I made my Domo out of a single sheet of brown, but it can be scaled to any size. Cutting instructions are on the diagram. 

 2. Next, you tack the two jagged teeth pieces to the red inner mouth piece.

 3. Now take the body piece with the hole and line up the inner mouth/teeth and sew them together. I used a running stitch for this.  

4. Now you're going to attach the eyes. Use white thread to tack the eyes down and give them accents at the same time, then use black thread to sew around the edges of the eyes. Also sew the teeth down flat using a running stitch. Again, I used a running stitch for this step.

5. Now you're going to prepare the arms. Fold them in half, line them up correctly, and then sew the open side shut, leaving the end open for stuffing 

 6.Now stuff the arms! Make sure there's no stuffing sticking out the end. it's okay to have a bit of a flap of felt--it will make it easier to attach the arms later.

7. Next, you're going to whip stitch the side pieces onto the front and back body pieces, making a hollow Domo-shell. When you run to the end of the strip, just whip stitch the end of one strip to the next and press it flat, and then continue to stitch the sides to the body pieces. Be sure to leave an opening for stuffing. 

8. Now stuff your Domo! Make sure you make the body nice and firm, and make sure there aren't any awkward lumps in the stuffing anywhere, so your Domo is the right shape. 

9. Lastly, you need to attach the arms. Whip stitch them to the sides of the body, making sure that they are both even--you don't want one higher than the other! Also, whip stitch the hole shut that you left for stuffing.

And you're done!


I have these cute little monster necklaces and keyrings inspired by Domo-Kun, which you can find in my Folksy shop in lots of different colours, I take requests aswell. 


Sunday, 13 March 2011

13th March 2011

Welcome to my first blog post. Ever! I'm no good with words (what am I doing with a blog then? I don't know!) So I'll introduce myself by showing a handful of the things I like to make...

This bracelet came from 5 or 6 other bracelets which just weren't doing it for me, so I stuck all the charms on one mega-jumbo-bracelet and this is the result. There were lots of handmade ice creams, donuts, sweets, slices of cake, chocolates, and lots of resin & plastic charms which I had collected. I loved it. It sold for an insane amount of money. I loved that too!

Cupcakes are something I can't seem to stop drawing. I don't like them to look realistic (which is lucky considering I have no artistic talent!).

I like bright unearthly colours, and I like them to be decorated with skulls and brains and icky things. 

The zombie one is one of my favourites with his droopy eyes and little fangs, he could eat you before you eat him, nom nom.

The pistol necklace is my number one favorite piece. I've made pistols shooting diamonds, shooting words, and shooting lovehearts. This one with hearts is my best selling necklace and my favourite to wear.  

To see more please visit my Folksy shop!